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A planet’s mean distance from the sun is 2.0 x 1011 m. What is its orbital period? 3. If a small planet were discovered whose orbital period was twice that of the Earth, how many times farther from the sun would this planet be? 4. Using the data from the table below,. Oct 28, 2018 · A planets mean distance from the sun is 2.0x10^11m. What is the orbital period in years? Please help this weak physics student. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. billrussell42. Lv 7. 1 year ago. 0 1 0. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. 1 year ago. Eughh. Math. 0 0 1. Login to reply the answers Post; Still have questions? Get. Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun. The closest distance between Neptune and the Sun is 4.45 billion kilometers or 2.77 billion miles, the farthest is 4.55 billion kilometers or 2.83 billion miles, with an average distance of 4.50 billion kilometers or 2.8 billion miles.

In other words, the square of a planet's period P is proportional to the cube of its distance from the sun d: P^2 = kd^3 Where k is is the proportionality constant. By the IAU's definition, there are eight planets in the Solar System; four terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars and four giant planets, which can be divided further into two gas giants Jupiter and Saturn and two ice giants Uranus and Neptune. When excluding the Sun, the four giant planets account for more than 99% of the mass of the Solar System.

Explain to students that an astronomical unit, or AU, is a simplified number used to describe a planet’s distance from the sun. It is a unit of length equal to the average distance from Earth to sun, approximately 149,600,000 kilometers 92,957,000 miles. Apr 21, 2014 · The eight planets in our solar system each occupy their own orbits around the Sun. They orbit the star in ellipses, which means their distance to the sun varies depending on where they are in. There is a huge amount of different in the distances between the planets depending on their position on their orbit path. The table below shows the eight planets and the average distance between them. The AU column is the distance in astronomical units. 1 AU is the distance from the Sun.

B: The cube of the time period of the planet's orbit is proportional to the square of its average distance from the Sun P3is proportional to a2. C: The square of the time period for an orbit of a planet is proportional to cube of its average distance from Sun in other words P2is proportional to a3. Minimum Distance from Sun: 46.0 million km 28.6 million miles Maximum Distance from Sun: 69.8 million km 43.4 million miles Venus: average distance 108 million km 67 million miles Minimum Distance from Sun: 108 million km 67 million miles Maximum Distance from Sun: 109 million km. For the purpose of measurement, the Sun's radius is considered to be the distance from its center to the edge of the photosphere, the apparent visible surface of the Sun. By this measure, the Sun is a near-perfect sphere with an oblateness estimated at about 9 millionths, which means that its polar diameter differs from its equatorial diameter by only 10 kilometres 6.2 mi.

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