Doug HaynesFor Doug, the best solutions are often born from collaboration and partnerships between leaders and experts. He believes everyone brings something unique and valuable to the table when working together. And he knows firsthand the benefits of building stronger teams through thoughtful leadership. His extensive experience includes managing hundreds of employees and directing global operations within major corporations. As an Executive Coach, he helps teams bring out the best in each other and themselves. My goal is for them to experience greater productivity, efficiency, innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Doug Haynes was an executive at McKinsey & Company. Here, he oversaw the growth of its consulting practices across the United States and helped grow the organization’s practice areas, including IT strategy and optimization, analytics, customer experience, and digital transformation. At McKinsey, Haynes also helped launch numerous innovative technologies and products, including its first internal cloud computing platform, which became widely adopted within the company. During his time there, he earned multiple awards for innovation. As part of The Council, he guides organizations seeking strategies for innovation and disruptive thinking.

In addition to his technical skills, Haynes also had experience managing teams of engineers. He graduated summa cum laude at WVU and worked in an IT department before moving to a marketing role. His years of management gave him valuable experience for his career as a consultant.

Doug Haynes went to college early after graduating high school. He says that while studying finance, he became interested in entrepreneurship. After graduating from university, he started working as an investment. On top of that, he took multiple courses on entrepreneurship and applied those concepts to real-life business situations. When he graduated, he got a job at McKinsey & Company. However, Haynes wanted something different.

Haynes’ career began at McKinsey when he joined the firm during its transition from consulting to technology services. He quickly learned many of the secrets behind the firm’s success and witnessed firsthand how well-connected executives could be to others inside and out of the company. Haynes realized that the best way to get ahead at McKinsey was to connect with the right people, and he did just that. His approach to reaching out to influential individuals resulted in many long-term friendships and partnerships. Haynes also built strong working relationships with other senior members of the firm.