Frances Fragos Townsend is the Executive Vice head of Commercial Affairs at one of the largest entertainment and gaming companies, Activation Blizzard. On 2006 September 11th, there was a terrorist attack in the United States. After the attack, Fran was elected by the former President of the United States, George W. Bush, to head the security team. Ms. Townsend was described as the one carrying the security of the nation during the time. Aki J. Peritz has written a book explaining how Ms. Townsend kept the United States of America safe.

In 2006, the intelligence team from Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States worked for hand in hand to keep away the al-Qaida from carrying out more attacks in the country. Townsend was responsible for heading the White House communication team and tracking the terrorists’ threat. Aki J Peritz has written a book titled Destruction, inside the most extensive counterterrorism study in history. In the book, Aki describes  Frances Townsend as a critical player in the team that was working with intelligence worldwide to stop al-Qaida from attacking the nation. Frances was focused on the task at hand. Townsend worked around the clock; she was even forced to sleep on her office couch in case anything happened and she was needed during the battle.

The British government had the intellect to investigate a well-known terrorist lockup; it was able to decode that the extremist was stockpiling bombs, using soda bottles, glass jars loaded with batteries, and a dangerous chemical. Frances Fragos Townsend, with the help of British intelligence, was able to keep the country safe.

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