Happy Joe’s is a company specializing in various food and beverage products. They offer food, beverages, and frozen snacks. All of their foods are made in the United States. Their vision for the company was to offer customers convenience and reach all parts of the country. 


Their mission statement is: “We make it easy for people to eat well.” The Happy Joe’s company has various food products available in most grocery stores around the United States. Some top food products include rice, pasta, beans and peas, soups, chili con carne, BBQ sauce, jams and jellies, peanut butter spreads, breadsticks, tortillas chips, and pretzels.


The Happy Joe’s business started small with only one retail outlet; however, it planned to grow into a large retail retailer. The goal was to increase profits by selling a variety of products. The company pays attention to its customers. They use a survey to gather customer information and their needs. 


This helps them to have valuable information about the foods they offer and how customers receive them. They also have an online store that is used to communicate with the consumer. Happy Joe’s online service it’s also used to provide information on new products that they have designed and developed.


They are also looking at ways of using technology to design and construct convenience stores without leaving their corporate headquarters in Minnesota, USA. The Happy Joe’s company is trying to help potential customers find where to purchase the foods they offer.