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Raspberry Ketones: These are considered one of the most effective chemicals for boosting human metabolism. The raspberry ketones also help cut cravings and hunger pangs, promoting healthy digestion and detoxifying the body through its strong antioxidant properties.

African Mango: This is a common ingredient in weight loss products because of its ability to reduce hunger. The African mango is rich in fiber, antioxidants and the ability to increase energy levels.

Green Tea Extract: This ingredient is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for treatment of various ailments and ailments. Green tea extract has been used to effectively inhibit the hormone responsible for storing fat into your body as well as to stimulate metabolism by burning excess fat.

Guarana Extract: Guarana is usually used as a mild stimulant that can improve alertness, boost energy levels and improve mental performance when taken before workouts. Learn more about Healthkeeperz