Sheldon Whitehouse Receives Important Endorsement

June 29, 2017

Sheldon Whitehouse, the popular senator who is running for reelection in 2018, received an endorsement from an important source. This source is End Citizens United. End Citizens United is the PAC that is aimed at ending a Supreme Court ruling called Citizens United. This ruling allows people to donate money to politicians without having to be accountable.


Sheldon Whitehouse is also against the Citizens United decision. In fact, he is very suspicious about dark money that goes to many politicians. Not only that, but he is concerned about dark money going to Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.


End Citizens United raised around four million dollars. However, they are on track to raise over thirty five million dollars. This money will be used for the midterm elections that will be held next year. In the presidential election last year, they raised twenty five million dollars. Last year’s election was the first election that they faced since they were founded.


Over one hundred thousand people donated to End Citizens United during this period. Of those people, forty percent were first time donors. The truth is that most of the people who donate to End Citizens United are regular citizens. The average donation, in fact, is just twelve dollars. When you think about, it makes sense. After all, the whole point of End Citizens United is to end big donations from large donors who want to curry favors with politicians. So the people who are donating to End Citizens United are the little people who find this as a way to fight back.


Not only does End Citizens United help people out, but they encourage people to help out their recommended candidates as well. For example, the urged their donors to help raise over five hundred thousand dollars for the campaign of Joe Ossoff, who recently ran in Georgia.


The truth is that End Citizens United can not even accept donations that are over five thousand dollars. This is because it is not a super PAC. Rather, it operates as a traditional PAC. Notwithstanding that fact, it was able to raise so much money from concerned people.