“Roberto Santiago: Forging The Brazilian Economy Ahead!”

Shopping Centre
August 22, 2017

Manaira Mall is renowned worldwide and is one of the leading tourist attractions to visit from all cultures. The mall is synonymous with its creator, the legendary Roberto Santiago. Roberto is considered one of the most ambitious capital venturist in Spain and holds many notable titles, but is most renowned for creating Brazil’s largest and most famous shopping malls. Roberto spared no expense when building the mall as it has a vast array of entertainment attractions and services available. There are so many things to do, a visitor could spend days going from sector to sector and not do the same thing more than once. From age five to ninety-five, there is something fun to do for everyone. There is no doubt; Santiago has redefined fun pastimes and luxurious shopping!


Santiago was raised in the city of Joao Pessoa and earned a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He also studied Image and Sound at the Complutense University , and Literary Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid. Roberto is well-versed in acting, directing, writing and architectural design. His entrepreneurial career began when he established a cartonage manufacturing company that successfully equipped cardboard products and other packing materials to companies that required them. After this, he moved into the architectural arena and oversaw the enormous project of the mall’s construction. The Manaira mall has brought great prosperity to the community both through jobs and tourism. The mall is one of Roberto Santiago’s most fortuitous business campaigns, despite the poor economy and continues to jump-start the Brazilian commercial markets. Roberto Santiago has been positively influencing the financial sectors for many years.


Roberto Santiago is also very much involved in local Sao Paulo, Brazilian politics. He has been an advocate for the people as he worked to have legislation reformed in regard to mínimum wage. He has formerly served the position of the General Committee of Brazilian Employees and is a Labor and Administration Duties Council Member. Roberto is very conscietious when it comes to mentoring Brazilian youth. He has established numerous programs to teach Young entrepenuers fair business trade principles and fostering innovative ideas in the capital investment industries.

Santiago is a well-known author and screenwriter both in Brazil and in the United States. One of his most loved films that he produced is The Longest Penalty in the World, which was nominated “Best Adapted Screenplay” in 2006. The following are a few of his other successful literary creations from oldest to newest.


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