Fabletics Draws Power from Crowd Sourcing

October 26, 2017

Your Request, Our Command

At Fabletics, we realize the power of the crowd. Your voice is vital in determining our decision; therefore, every brand considers your taste. You are the center of all our products.

Crowd Sourcing Finds New Power

Only ignorant companies can ignore the power of the crowd. At Fabletics, crowd-sourced reviews generate sales as the management has realized the customer’s decision is so much based on the above. Research has shown that the modern customer checks the customers’ reviews to determine if an item is worth the purchase or not. In case the customers wrote satisfactory comments concerning the product, the customers buy in large volumes. However, if the customers left negative comments, customers shun a company and all its products. The customers also posit that they believe the comments of strangers on the reviews just as they would believe their close friends or family members.

Forget the Old Commercials

Additionally, customers state that they no longer rely on the old commercials and advertisements as the sellers may portray wrong and deceptive messages just to make some sales. On the contrary, they believe that a customer has nothing to gain by giving a positive review about a product. Hence, customers believe what other customers say more than they buy the word of the seller.

Because of the above, many savvy brands have responded to the change in consumer behavior by implementing marketing strategies that are review centric. Fabletics leads this trend, and the success is shown in its fast growth. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics has grown by more than 200% with its revenue reaching over $235million. Shawn Gold, who is the marketing officer of Fabletics mother company, Tech Style fashion group, says that embracing customer review is behind the tremendous success of the enterprise.

What Makes Online Reviews Important?

The current consumer leads a digital life, unlike the older generations who were more analog. Consequently, when most customers need to test a product for the first time, they check what other customers have to say about the same. A current study also revealed that 84% of the consumers do not make purchases before they crowd course.

Quality is Key

Although crowdsourcing was in the past based on price comparison, today it is based on a quality comparison. Customers indicate that they are more willing to pay more for a product that delivers results than pay less for bad quality products. Fabletics understands that and dwells more on quality production than on the amount produced. The results are higher sales, more customer loyalty, and increased repeat customers.

As a client, you need to take a lifestyle quiz at Fabletics to find out the gear that best suits you.

Kate Hudson

Fabletics launching ceremony is unforgettable. Kate Hudson walked down the red carpet amidst many cheers from other celebrities and friends in the Beverly Hills Hotel. The air was full of expectation as people waited to hear what the brand would bring into the market.

Fabletics not only focuses on sales but on empowering women. Kate was quick to state that the power of the woman was found in the brand. Demi Lovato the famous pop star graced the occasion and said that he was inspired by the brand since it looked towards accomplishing more than just sales.