Adam Milstein Incredible Success

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November 6, 2017

Adam Milstein is an aggressive philanthropist, community president and real estate capitalist. A citizen of Israel, he worked in IDF in the time of the Yom Kippur War, and in the year 1978 he graduated from Technion. At the time of his arrival in the United States in the year 1981, Adam Milstein pursued an MBA from USC and started a profession in Southern California in Commissary real estate in the year 1983. Adam Milstein is an organizing partner at a confidential commissary real estate investment company called Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein is a co-builder of the Israel-American council where he is the leader of their state extension. He also officiates on the board of various companies like StandWithUs, Jewish Fnders Network and Hasbara Fellowships.

In the interview Adam Milstein was asked where the initiative of Hager Pacific estates came from and he stated that before he graduated many individuals went to campus enrolling for jobs. He realized that they did not applaud his life encounter and knowledge. They were giving him less than what the undergraduate graduates were being paid. He decided to do something on his own, and began working as real properties commercial agent. After three years of accomplishment as a dealer, he began on his own and became a financier in real properties, and read full article.

During the interview he was asked what his normal day look like and how he makes it a success. He said that when one initiates a business, one has no idea of how the day will turn out to be. He noticed that engaging in philanthropy makes his everyday job more fulfilling. He was also asked how he generates ideas to life and he answered that he believes that if another person can do it he can also do it. He drags the ideas until they turn out to be real. Adam was asked which the worst he has ever done was and what he learned from it. He stated that he has had no bad job and he enjoys working and as a business person he follows up issues and is consistent at his work, and