Daniel Taub- Best Israeli diplomat

Business People
November 28, 2017

Daniel Taub is a former ambassador representing Israel in the United Kingdom. He is regarded by the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom as the best diplomat who has ever represented their country. He left a track record of achievements that could not be beaten by any other diplomat before him. His success mostly was in enhancing the trade deals between the two countries. He managed to make the two countries share a lot of their products. This led to trade reaching $7 billion annually for the first time in the history of the two countries partnership. Daniel Taub achievements are recognized all over by the Jewish community especially those living in the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub only served his country for four years. During these four years, the trail of achievements that he left was great and admirable. He was able to help his country Israel gain a lot from the United Kingdom which is a global powerhouse on many issues. London is known as a media center and a financial center. Daniel Taub used this factors to come up with a strategy that would work for his country. He regularly appeared on British media to articulate the issues that were of interest to his country, he knew that opinions expressed in these TV shows would be aired to millions of people in the world. He wanted people to realize the position Israel was in while trying to deal with the conflicts witnessed in the Middle East.



Daniel Taub position as a diplomat was marked by acts of courage and deep expression for respect of human right. At one point the largest university students’ body in the United Kingdom accused the Israel of engaging in mass violations of human rights in the Middle East region. They voted a motion that instructed people to boycott Israel. In the aftermath of this vote, Daniel Taub advised all university administrators not to take any disciplinary action against the students. He believed it was their right to express their opinions even though they were flawed.



In another act of courage, when the MP of Bradford in the United Kingdom declared the region as Israeli- free zone. This meant that any goods and services from Israel were banned from the region. Even Jews were not allowed to travel to the region. Daniel Taub, however, chose to defy this ban. He traveled to the region in a show of solidarity with his people. He wanted to show the world that it was the right of every Jew to travel to any section of the U.K without fear.


To learn more, visit http://www.daniel-taub.com/.