Sahm Adrangi’s fulfills his desire for financial success

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December 17, 2017

For quite a while now, Sahm Adrangi has engaged in various aspects that have significantly backed to the progress as well as the development of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company he formed nine years ago. The entry of Adrangi into the commercial sector his firm marked a journey that would enhance as well as address various needs of investment fanatics. It started in 2009 immediately when the country was recovering from the financial crisis that hit the country. Sahm would then bring together his savings that he had saved for a long time to venture into the business that would see him become a boss of his own, and Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.

The journey to financial freedom was not a bed of roses for Sahm Adrangi as there challenges along the way. Luckily for him, he had obtained an experience in the field, and he had the necessary knowledge as well as skills to carry out his duties with diligence. The prospects at the Kerrisdale Capital Management would come to realization when Adrangi dedicated his full-term of involvement in almost all aspects of progress in the firm. Were it not for the input of other commitment among members of the team at Kerrisdale Capital Management; Sahm Adrangi would not realize a significant milestone as an individual, and

Besides being the founder of the Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi served as a dedicated Chief Investment Officer of the corporation. The title he held with passion as he led the company to the next level of success with the authority. Interestingly, the Kerrisdale Capital Management started off with 1 million dollars value of assets and grew to about 150 million dollars’ worth of assets as revealed in July 2017. Many thanks to Sahm Adrangi’s tenure that saw to it that the desired outcome came to pass, and

Moreover, Sahm was a part-time motivational speaker with extensive experience in the sector. As a result, he has been invited severally to various conferences where delivered talks. Besides, the platform offered him the chance to serve jointly with iconic personalities in the sector. Sahm Adrangi is also a favorite guy that has featured in various leading publications in the country, and more information click here.