Betsy Devos Is Nice, But Fights For What She Believes In

January 2, 2018

If you took Betsy DeVos just at face value, you might decide that she is simply a very pleasant women who might even be a little meek. You might think that she would be easy to persuade to your point of view on just about anything. You would be incredibly wrong to make this judgement about this particular figure. As it turns out, DeVos is actually a political scrapper, and she is not afraid to get down in the mud to win a fight if need be.


Her personality has helped her drive home a lot of the political victories that she can take credit for back in her home state of Michigan. That and the fact that she is a billionaire help her advance a lot of the agenda that she would like to see moving forward throughout the country. This includes important things such as the advancement of charter schools.


DeVos has not had much experience in politics at all, and she has had an extremely distant relationship with the President. However, she continues to operate from her new perch as Secretary of Education with great impact. She does a lot of the work that she does without great fanfare or any attempt to draw attention to herself. Working without the spotlight may make her all the more effective as she does not often draw enormous amounts of public pressure.


On a personal level, DeVos has always know about hard work. She put in hours at her father’s auto parts business that he eventually built into a multi-billion dollar empire. She has never shied away from hard work, and it is clear based on her career that she picked up at least some of her father’s zeal for conservative Christian causes. Learn more:


For the last few decades, DeVos has been an advocate for getting more tax dollars away from public schools and into the charter school system that she believes so strongly in. This has made her a target for scorn from the political Left who see her as someone who is taking away money from schools that best serve everyone. At the same time, DeVos clearly believes that the charter school system can do a better job of educated children. It is not a battle she is going to let go of lightly. Now that she is the Secretary of Education, she has a much louder voice in the debate.