Securus Technologies Transforms Lives

Video Visitation App
January 4, 2018

Securus Technologies is the leading provider for correctional facility defense in America. Beginning their business over 30 years ago, they have branched out from their Dallas, Texas headquarters and have placed regional offices throughout Texas and also in Atlanta, Georgia.

They have made it their personal goal to decrease inmate crime and protect those inside the prison system while also helping them to grow to be more productive citizens when they are let out of incarceration.

Securus Technologies is able to decrease inmate crime by targeting contraband cell phones, which is one of the leading causes of inmate crime in the prison system.

Securus Technologies targets contraband cell phones with two unique products that they offer correctional facilities. Cell Defender is the first product that Securus Technologies offers. Cell Defender is a scanning system that searches a correctional facility to locate contraband cell phones. Once Cell Defender is able to locate a contraband cell phone, it either can turn it off or search it for data.

The second product that Securus Technologies offers is Wireless Containment Solutions. This product is able to tap into a contraband cell phone and permanently shut off the Wi-Fi feature.

Securus Technologies does not only protect inmates from one another, but it also helps inmates to grow in their skills so they can be productive when they are released.

Securus Technologies replaces contraband cell phones with cell phones they design. These perfectly designed cell phones allow inmates to video call their family at home during the normal times of visitation. In addition to calling their family, these cell phones these signed by Securus Technologies also allows inmates to take online educational courses and search for jobs in order to secure them so that when they leave the facility, they can start a normal life once again.