David McDonald and OSI Recent Expansions into Other Countries

Business People ,Investment Banking
January 19, 2018

Many of today’s business leaders are tasked with a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Especially, because the competition in this global market is very aggressive, and only the top executives can lead their companies to the next level. This is especially true for leaders like David McDonald, the CEO and President of OSI Group. Based on his present record, he is well known in the industry for keeping up with the latest trends in the food industry. Therefore, if you want to know what his organization is doing today, here is a brief overview of what he has done recently.

Improving the Organization’s Sustainability

With the internet and other methods of communication effecting how well a marketing strategy works, businesses all over the globe are fighting to remain relevant in this era. In many cases, the struggles that the organization experience can make the difference between thriving well and closing the doors of the business operation forever. In either case, the course that David McDonald and his management team has taken is not only to consider the food processing facilities as it operates today but the future of where the company will be going in the future.

To that end, there are a few things that the organization is doing today to sustain itself. One of the most essential involves expanding the business globally into other countries like Poland, India, Geneva, and Hungary. By expanding the food processing business into these areas, the organization will have a better chance of penetrating areas that have never been touched before. In order to accomplish these goals and objectives, it is essential, however, that these management teams understand the cultures of these areas thoroughly and the taste of the locals.

Acquisition of Baho Food

In addition to improving the organization’s sustainability, OSI has recently acquired another company in other countries. One of the most beneficial acquisition, as of recent, is Baho Food. This is a significant for OSI Group since Baho Food has plants in both the Netherlands and Germany. In these countries, the new acquired operation will be selling a wide diversity of different meats and other items like deli meats, snacks and other convenience food choices. Before the acquisition is complete, however, there is a pending approval of this merger. This move is not only beneficial for OSI group today, but for its future growth of this operation.