Paul Mamphilly on three potential stock investment sectors

The stock markets offer people a chance to invest in the future of various sectors of the economy. If one is convinced that a particular sector of the economy will grow, then, instead of just writing and talking about it, investing is such a sector make a very good decision. Most of the time as human beings, we spend time talking about the future of various sectors in the economy, but very few of us look to make monetary gains from changes that happen. The cell phone industry, for instance, found very many people talking about it. However, as statistics show, only small percentage of the population actually bought shares in cell phone companies. People bought the phones but missed out on the most important part of investing in stocks shares of these companies.

Now that the cell phone industry is already full, what new opportunities are there for the people now. To help us look at the potential investment sectors in the world today, we will look at the advice of a stock investment guru and a former hedge fund manager at Wall Street, Paul Mamphilly. He has a huge experience of over two decades serving in an active role of stock markets analysis.

Paul Mamphilly recommends three industries that are ready for investment. He talks of the electric car manufacturing sector, precision medicine, and food delivery systems as fields that will be appealing to the people in the near future. Those who will take advantage of these investment opportunities are likely to make huge profits in the future, and learn more about Paul Mamphilly.

The electric car manufacturing sector is likely to benefit from the recent changes in the perspective of the people towards gasoline cars. When compared to electric cars, gasoline cars have proved to be expensive to maintain and are not environmentally friendly. Electric cars are therefore expected to be on sale in high volumes in years to come. Those who will invest in shares of electric cars manufacturing companies are likely to make huge profits in years to come.

Precision Medicine is also expected to gain going into the future. Precision medicine seeks to develop treatment depending on the genetic traits of a particular human being. Its application is expected to play a huge role in the diagnosis of cancer. Future medicine will be developed depending on the person seeking treatment and not just general medicine meant to address every patient as it happens today, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

José Henrique Borghi the Advertising Guru

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How Does Marc Sparks Help Us With The Spark Tank?

Marc Sparks has done us a great service with the Spark Tank, and we have been happy to work with him over the years. He has helped us ensure that there are many people who will have the opportunities we had, and he has worked out a number of ways for us to receive more exposure. This article explains how we have succeeded many times over with his program, and we have benefited so much from what he has done. Learn more:


#1: The Program


Spark Tank is a program that we have used to ensure that we have the exposure and press that we need, and we have found that there are a number of people who have not heard of us until they have seen us on the Spark Tank website. There are quite a few things that we have done after we had more customers come through, and we believe that Marc has done quite a lot for us in the mentoring area beyond what he has already done.


#2: Mentoring


Mentoring with the Spark Tank was quite important because we needed support that would help our business grow. We believe that we learned quite a lot, and we are free to call him any time we want. The mentoring relationship has been important for us, and we have worked quite hard to implement all the things that he has told us to do. This is important to us because it helps our business grow when we could not have it grow any other way.


#3: The Contest


We did not win the contest, but we were happy to be a part of the program because it allowed us to get the exposure that we do needed. I wanted to know that we could have an opportunity to earn more money, and I was learning as we went. The people who voted for us were the ones who were buying from us, and they were the ones who helped us come close to the point of winning the contest. I was very happy to have these friends, and I know that these people were happy to come back and buy again in the future. Learn more:


The Spark Tank is a strong program that we are happy to have been a part of, and we are now friends with Marc Sparks because of being a part of this program. He is our mentor, and he is someone who wants to help us make the proper decisions for our business. We have grown quite a lot because of it, and we may enter it again. There are many different people like us who will earn more money and grow their businesses because of Marc. Learn more: