The Internet of Things (IoT) acts as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. With this future projected, we can expect our lives to be more connected than ever. As a result, the age of living longer is looming ahead. Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and futurist, has been at the forefront of this movement, and he knows what it takes to succeed in the new era ahead. In this article, we explore his vision of anti-aging, a subject that he is deeply passionate about.


Jason Hope’s thoughts on the Internet of Things


According to the business expert and philanthropist Hope, the IoT will help continue to evolve and eliminate inefficiencies. It will also help us all access data in near real-time, aiding medical professionals in diagnosing illnesses. However, Jason Hope adds, if you think this new connected world will only benefit humanity, you may want to think again. The IoT opens up many pressing issues that need to be addressed quickly.


Jason Hope’s interest in SENS and the research on Longevity and Anti-Aging


This is where Jason Hope comes into play. For him, the future of technology holds a more profound impact than just a tool that can help you buy your favorite song on iTunes or Netflix at the click of a button. It is about his desire to see the world become more human and responsive toward this goal of attaining immortality. 


Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation

As such, the accurate business visionary  is one among those who have dedicated his life to researching SENS. Over the years, SENS has been responsible for generating anti-aging research on both animals and humans. Jason Hope’s contributions to SENS research have also been beneficial. 


The Hope is these scientists will be able to push the limits of longevity and even prevent death in some instances. As such, he is committed to furthering the development of research on SENS and anti-aging. If you are wondering what he has been up to over the past years, you need not look any further, as we shall look at activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope’s accomplishments.