Sameday Health has launched nationwide monkeypox testing in California. Monkeypox is a rare but highly infectious viral disease that primarily affects the lungs and lymph nodes, causing respiratory complications. Monkeypox testing is available at Sameday Health with delivery within 4 hours.

It is a viral disease that can be spread through contact with body fluids and saliva, commonly via bites or inhalation. It is sometimes mistaken for a similar smallpox disease but more accurately belongs to a subfamily of orthopoxviruses called the Variola virus genera.

It is common practice for Sameday to release statements regarding their participation in community initiatives, such as the eradication of Monkeypox. Our commitment to current and future health issues is long-standing and extends beyond our clinics.

Through our work in animal testing, we have been able to collaborate on projects that are directly related to local or national issues. We hope to accelerate progress toward a better world by continuing these efforts and expanding our reach.

Sameday unveiled its monkeypox testing program in its participating California clinics but said it plans to expand nationwide. According to the CDC, there are over 18,000 cases of Monkeypox in the United States as of August 29.

Learn more about this important announcement and how you can protect yourself and your family members. A monkeypox vaccination might keep you safe from a contagious disease caused by a virus similar to its human counterpart.

Monkeypox is spread by direct contact with an infected person through the skin. Ingestion of this virus, including the blood and other bodily fluids, can lead to disease transmission.

All Sameday clinics have lab-developed saliva tests, a non-invasive, painless, and more efficient alternative to specimen collection from lesions. The test for Monkeypox is available at each of our participating locations for $125 via self-pay. Clients can receive their results within 48 hours.

Say goodbye to the misery and inconvenience of self-collection with lab-developed saliva tests from Sameday Health that require no collection from lesions. “With the specialized infrastructure, resources, and reach we have here at Sameday Health, we’re doing our part to make sure that you have access to affordable testing solutions as new public health threats emerge,” said CEO Felix Huettenbach.

With the current monkeypox outbreak spreading across the continental United States and potential travel restrictions, access to information is critical to protecting your community’s health. The non-invasive and efficient monkeypox testing solution offered by Sameday Health allows individuals to have their blood tested for this deadly virus at a local clinic.

Sameday Health’s monkeypox testing is a convenient and efficient way to protect community health. By offering an alternative testing option, communities can access life-saving services when preventive and essential medical care is needed most.