Direct selling is becoming a common phenomenon in today’s business. The concept embraces the method where a manufacturer produces items and sells them directly to consumers without passing through the middleman. It is a concept that has continued to receive support, and it is relatively cheaper when compared to other models conducting business. With direct selling, the long list of intermediaries is taken away with the products carrying the shortest route to reach the consumer.

QNET is an example of a company that embraced this type of model in its business. The company has left a great impression on its consumers since its inception close to three decades ago.

QNET has left a significant impact in the more than 100 countries where its operations and services have been accepted. The company deals with a range of products from homecare, health wellness, and personal care products. During direct selling sales usually happen in three standard methods.

One of the methods is Single-Level Marketing. Single-Level Marketing usually involves the direct seller creating a customer base rather than having a team. This type of marketing is ideal for a small geographical location. It consists in capturing a small geographical area and acquiring a customer base. It is a suitable method and can be enhanced by having a larger team on the ground.

Party Plan Level Marketing is another type. It involves hosting a party for like-minded individuals. It consists in selling products using a fun approach to sell products. With the games, you can offer some trial products. The method is suitable for selling household products.

Multi-Level Marketing is another approach where individuals are sponsored to sell their products instead of employees. It is an excellent way of increasing business as it has a low cost involved. It is a way of ensuring products reach a broader consumer base. It sells the ideology to people in the network; thus, the circle grows bigger. QNET continues to have direct sellers all over the country and continued to have an income.

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