ElectrifAi in founded in the year 2016. Their mission is to make our world a safer and better place by turning data into knowledge and knowledge into actionable insights. They are dedicated to helping organizations unlock their data’s potential for increased performance, increased profitability, and most importantly, improved customer experience

ElectrifAi uses machine learning techniques to solve problems in the real world. They use Python, C++, SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL or DB2. They also make use of Redis Cache and Cassandra Database as they are good at handling an enormous amount of data (considering human population). Their headquarters is located in Mumbai India but they also have offices in New York City USA. They have a global team across locations and they regularly conduct client workshops, webinars and training sessions

ElectrifAi focus on producing data-driven products that can be used by everyone from small businesses to large corporations. They are working on projects for several clients in the areas of Engineering, Energy, Politics and Public Policy. They have worked with some well-known brands like Lockheed Martin, India Post, Indian Army, Reliance Industries Ltd., Vodafone (India) Ltd., Oil Ministry of India and Ministry of External Affairs among others.

This is an interactive neural network (NN). It has over 2000 nodes with .94 million weights between them each connected to 40 motor neurons that are connected to the mouth muscles

Our Solutions:

  • AI-Powered Electricity Meter – A smarter electricity meter that makes it easy for consumers to save on energy use, reduce costs and generate more renewable power. It creates a real-time dashboard showing users their energy consumption patterns and allows them to easily analyze their usage patterns via the app. The energy meter can be installed in homes, businesses or even on utility poles. Using machine learning and AI, we can accurately identify how a customer is using his electricity and communicate it to the customer in a way that is relevant for him.

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