Justin Sun is a famous entrepreneur, the founder of TRON, and an active member of the cryptocurrency community. He is known for his work on BitTorrent and Peiwo, in addition to TRON. Sun’s most recent venture, FTX, is a decentralized content ecosystem that integrates social media, e-commerce, and games into a single platform. By combining all the services into one platform, FTX will accomplish a lot in a short time.

Founded by Justin Sun, FTX focuses mainly on three core values: Content, Community, and Ecosystem. Looking closely at their team, blockchain, and product, we can see that their vision for FTX is significant. Justin Sun has substantial experience in many projects and went to UCLA for his college graduation. His current CEO of TRON is Peiwo Pte Ltd.

Peiwo Pte Ltd is a startup company where Justin Sun is the CEO. The company is located in Singapore. Peiwo Pte Ltd entered the blockchain industry to produce a decentralized music ecosystem for users. It provides a platform for content creators, artists, and global collaborative communities to share music files and earn rewards. The company uses TRON’s blockchain technology to prosper its platform.

Peiwo APP, a decentralized audio content community, is another project started by Peiwo Pte Ltd. Peiwo APP’s mission is to provide a healthy and efficient platform for music fans to connect with their preferred artists through blockchain technology. It aims to bring a new wave of prosperity and development to the trading and circulation of digital assets.

FTX is a combination of all of Justin Sun’s knowledge and experiences. FTX is aimed to completely change consumer behaviors and attitudes toward the content industry by offering new tools, creativity, and influence on the network. It will permit users to upload, share and consume high-quality content.

FTX has been developing for many years with a very quality team. FTX’s team comprises experts in blockchain technology, content production, and other fields. FTX’s starting capital comes from the TRON Foundation, and the project is led by Justin Sun, who is the creator of TRON.