In April 2016, I acquired my first pair of TIEKS and was frightened too. I was determined to take the risk and purchase a flat, which did not disappoint since they were worth every coin. Even with enormous cost, my pair is possibly one of the best cost-effective pieces in my closet. I have purchased more pairs.

When you need to purchase a pair, decide which make-up and style you want.

  • Classics – the make-up I have been purchasing is a hard-colored pair fabricated with unique leather.
  • Prints – they have to decorate patterns like metallics, leopard print and plaid. They are solely fabricated with quality leather.
  • Patents – they are fabricated using shiny leather.
  • Vegan – manufactured without any animal skin.

Tieks flats is the most decent flat I have worn so far; as of the beginning of 2022, I am still putting on my Tyrian purple and matte black sets; I have not yet acquired a new pair. From comfy leather and non-elasticized heels to their rubber undersurface in attractive pair blue, they feel comfortable and adjust on my feet from every move.

When fitting and sizing up, I also offer my toes space to fit more neutral in the shoe, lowering the possibility of toe challenges like hallux valgus, which I am aware we feminine who cherish beautiful shoes are primarily ready to experience.

Succeeding, I traded and sized up my pair, and I noticed I fitted the correct size straight away; from the moment I bounced them on, my flats were beautiful and well equipped.

TIEKS do not harm, and their make-up is destined to be comfortable; when your pair of flats feel uncomfortable, you may have the wrong size. It can probably be that your toe shape does not quite work for a flat; however, many people do fit decently into TIEKS with the slightest invading in. Like this page on Facebook, for more information.


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