Tim Murawski is the current president and chief commercial officer for Augmedics Company. The company’s primary aim is to enhance spinal surgery through augmented reality technology. This can be achieved if they create medical equipment. This is not the first biotechnology business Tim Murawski is heading. He has been in other companies as well. 


Tim Murawski was in Mazor Robotics for ten years before joining Augmedics. He was involved with complex duties in the Caesarea, Israel, medical device company. However, he did not start at the top. Tim Murawski began as a sales director. He continued to move up the ranks and became the regional account manager before becoming the U.S. accounts vice president in 2016. 


Healthcare and business expert Tim Murawski’s track record in these positions shows that he is a competent person in his work. He attended Western Illinois University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in operations management and supervision. However, it did not take long before he realized that he was best suited to sales. Therefore, he started his sales profession at Baxter International Inc., where he helped sell their medical devices, including needleless IV products. 

These products were in high demand in the 1990s because the doctors treating HIV/AIDS patients wanted to safeguard themselves against the virus. He realized the importance of selling products that promote safety to the doctors and every other person. In 1998, Tim Murawski became the regional sales manager for his first start-up company, located in Cupertino, California. The company was called General Surgical Innovations. Tim Murawski has impacted various companies in this field. As such, he is highly regarded.