Jessica Dean is one of Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s co-founders, helping clients whose employers have mistreated. Jessica Dean has a BA in economics and another in political science, both of which she received from Boston University. She joined the University of Texas School Law in Austin in 1999 and graduated in 2003. Immediately after graduating, Jessica Dean began her career as a lawyer and is still a lawyer at Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s company. 

Born in a family of eight children, Jessica Dean has learned what it feels like to grow in such ordinary families. Her experience makes her viable to understand her clients and help them out in the best ways possible. During an interview, Jessica Dean asserted that she developed the passion for representing those wronged by their employers after working with a firm that specialized in helping cancer patients who got sick after being exposed to asbestos in their workplace. She is committed to fighting for her client’s rights and ensuring that workers are protected as required by the law. 

Dean says that she has managed the company with her two other co-founders by seeking new ideas from other lawyers. She is also committed to her career path by taking an inventory of her schedules every week. Jessica further builds relationships with people from different backgrounds, apologizing when wrong and taking responsibility for her mistakes. Dean also asserts that it is essential for people to always get the context of others before deciding between them.