Amy’s KitchenAmy’s Kitchen is among the top brands known for growing and distributing organic packaged and frozen foods in the United States. Having been founded by a husband and wife, they have worked towards maintaining a friendly environment for their employees and clients.

They also strive to give distinct services from other restaurants, evident in how they celebrated National Veggie Burger Day this year. They have numerous options for clients to choose from, ensuring nobody feels left out of the celebrations.

Paul Schiefer, the brand’s president, started by updating fans about their giveaways, promotions, and other social media activities they would use to reward clients. For example, they gave away a free burger to all clients who used their drive-thru services.

With preferences for vegan and organic foods increasing among consumers, it has become normal even for non-vegans or non-vegetarians to enjoy plant-based foods because of taste profiles and environmental concerns.

While maintaining this preference for clients, the founders of Amy’s Kitchen maintain their goal to offer healthy foods without compromising tastes. Therefore, they provided three primary National Veggie Burger Day celebration options.

Organic California Veggie Burger

The Berliners, founders of Amy’s Kitchen, set out to make the perfect veggie burger in 1989. After trying numerous recipes, they used bulgur wheat to make a patty and combined it with walnuts, earthy mushrooms, and vibrant vegetables.

That creates a thick patty, perfect to eat on a bun, bunless, or in a wrap. Clients can also get a light-in-sodium version of the burger.

Organic Black Bean Veggie Burger

This is a Mexican-flavor-infused twist on their classic veggie patty made with a chock-full of smoky chipotle, corn, and black beans. Many people who have tried it say it is an excellent choice because of its various textures. They also say it makes a perfect sandwich, whether grilled or baked.

There is also an option to enhance its flavor by adding a sprinkle of sweet heat using mustard and maple syrup.

Amy’s KitchenOrganic Sonoma Gluten- And Dairy-Free Veggie Burger

This burger includes ingredients that give it a rich flavor and aroma, like celery, carrots, onions, mushrooms, cooked walnuts, and quinoa. In addition to organic and non-GMO ingredients, the brand continues to care for the environment by using Eco-conscious packaging options.