DoughFor executive adviser Douglas Haynes, the human aspect of the business is just as important as the technology and function of what you’re doing. Throughout his career, Haynes has focused on building mutually beneficial relationships with his clients, whether they were large corporations or small businesses. “I’m proud to say that my entire career has been about helping others succeed,” he says.

Doug Haynes advises public and private sector organizations as The Council’s President and Council Advisors Managing Partner. He previously headed the $15 billion hedge fund Point 72 Asset Management. Previously, he was a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he was responsible for building one of the largest technology practices in the world. Before joining McKinsey, he worked in software development and design positions for seven years.

During his college years, Doug Haynes developed an interest in business and technology. His extensive knowledge of the corporate environment led him toward a career path in the management consulting industry. After graduating magna cum laude from West Virginia University, he enrolled in the Darden Graduate School of Management, where he honed his skills in the field of strategic planning.

Haynes reflects on how joining McKinsey was one of the best decisions of his life. Throughout his two decades with McKinsey, Haynes worked closely with executives from diverse companies around the globe. Being immersed in this intellectual environment helped him build rewarding relationships with colleagues and develop innovative ideas.

Haynes’ accomplishments rely largely on two guiding tenets. First, he believes that each day one must put forth the effort needed to achieve the highest possible level of performance. Second, he claims that the choice of partners should reflect those who demonstrate integrity. These practices help him maintain perspective and remain focused.

Doug Haynes readily admits technology advances that enable seamless, flexible remote work opportunities. However, he enjoys the personal connection resulting from meeting business associates in person.

Doug Haynes contributes to various nonprofit organizations. He finds great satisfaction in being able to use his skills to assist others. Haynes is thankful for having doors open that enabled him to pursue such opportunities. Haynes believes that each person should find ways to serve others.