The ElectrifAi Higher Education Initiative (EI) is a new way to do education—a decentralized, personalized, and highly customizable learning experience designed as more than just an alternative. This allows them to select the classes they want to take, study at the pace they prefer, live where they please and work in a job relevant to their field of study—all while earning those all-important degrees that are so critical to achieving individual success in today’s rapidly changing world.

They offer an alternative education model and complete framework that can be quickly and easily loaded onto an individual’s computer. ElectrifAi is a company dedicated to bringing this new high-tech way of learning to more people around the world, and unlike elsewhere, this opportunity is open to all. The ElectrifAi Higher Education Initiative (EI) is based on a set of Learning Objectives, which are the same for everyone. These Learning Objectives are designed for anyone to learn, regardless of profession, gender, age, or location.

It is a decentralized learning environment, meaning it can be used by anyone anywhere at any time. Reading is better than watching television, allowing individuals to get more out of the information they receive. The framework will help people decide which resources are essential for their learning. The ElectrifAi Higher Education Initiative (EI) is a new way to do education with the following characteristics: their implementation involves the individual, self-paced learning of those who want to use their personal computer to learn certain materials.

The EI provides the materials, which can be presented in various forms. The implementation can be made by anyone who wishes to do so, especially if the EI is to be provided as an online education; that is, the individual can connect to the eHEI and access educational materials at any time from any place where there is an Internet connection. This is a non-traditional way of providing education.

It is a non-traditional educational initiative whereby the student does not need to be physically present in an institution for higher education or vocational training. It consists of a set of learning objectives based on eLearning to be accomplished asynchronously without needing attendance at any physical location or structure.