Krishen Iyer is an established serial entrepreneur who answers a call without hesitation. Born and raised in California, he attended Bullard high school and graduated in 1998. Soon after high school, he proceeded to San Diego State University for a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and graduated in 2004. Immediately after graduation, Krishen Iyer started his professional career working in insurance sales and managing lead companies in the United States. 


Based on his knowledge and experience, Iyer founded Quick Link Marketing that he later rebranded to Managed Benefits Services. The firm is an entire service marketing and consultancy group that works closely with its clients providing support and marketing opportunities. Under Krishen Iyer´s leadership, the company flourished and was primed for success when Krishen sold it in 2020. After selling Managed Business Services, he took the next leap in his illustration career by founding another company referred to as MAIS Consulting. 


Led by Krishen Iyer, the South Californian-based company has a strong core focus and works with a team of highly trained professionals who execute all the company’s policies. Some of the core activities that business owners can expect from MAIS Consulting include:


Marketing and advertising- where a team of marketing gurus led by Krishen Iyer spreads the word about your business. The company offers digital marketing and company-specific strategies to help you reach your target customers with much ease.

Contracting solutions- famous for protecting top industries in the US, MAIS Consulting has access to various insurance policies for your company. Led by Krishe Iyer, the firm can offer its clients more services than going direct to the carrier. Company policies– the company also assists companies in creating internal policies and procedures like TCPA, which can make or break a business.