Mirabaud has an active obligation to modern art. This group goes beyond its vast collection. They have been a loyal supporter of the MAMCO since the start of the museum since it aids in bringing events that help bring art to new people. They have grown over the years with modern art.

This group’s commitment indicates how art creation is essential around the world. Creative art is vital to novelty. Supporting modern art means enduring the globe of fresh thoughts where artists today can bring their very ideas to life.

Mirabaud’s primary goal is that the efforts put into their collection will always be available for anyone to discover and be proud of how much work went into it. The group has provided their art to many foundations that wish to see them so that many people will discover their art collections face-to-face.

Mirabaud supports the FIAC Hors les Murs, a piece showing sculptures and fittings in several symbolic areas in Paris, France. In 2019, on their anniversary, the group gave the art piece to Geneva, which was called Moon, by Engadine. The colossal sculpture now decorates “The Plaine de Plainpalais” in the city’s center.

The group’s art collection displays, through its assortment and scale, a diverse view of people’s everyday world that we currently go through. What is unique about this art is that it brings together various artists, including Omar Ba and Marina Abramovic. Maintaining many young artists is needed for Mirabaud. It gains the need for promoting creativity and much more for many art lovers who can learn and appreciate it.

The good thing about the group is that its living pieces establish a friendly relationship that brings people together to enjoy what is displayed while inviting anyone, new and old, to come in and appreciate what everyone has done. Just click here for more.


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