Ever wondered who is behind the Judge Judy show? Well! Well! Well! Here is your chance to know the truth about the man behind the scenes. The man behind the show is none other than Randy Douthit, who has had a passion in the filming industry since the age of four.

Randy knew he wanted to produce shows when he was at his grandparents. It was evident when he started selling tickets for several shows he made in their barn at the age of nine. His professional career began when he was twenty- three years old when he became the director at KGW Portland.

Randy Douthit directed ‘How come,’ which ended up winning an award called the Peabody Award during his early years of his professional career. He later was hired to air a morning show, Seattle Today, which added viewers to the channel at a great length.

Randy later joined CNN when it was new and became the executive producer. He rose in ranks and became a director of Crossfire which was the epic show of the network. Not only did Randy produce Crossfire, but also a weekly news show called the Capital Gang.

The two plays made the channel popular, and they won the CableAce accolade.

Judge Judy is one of the most significant accomplishments of Randy Douthit’s shows. The show has won the Emmy award three times in a row. Besides directing and producing Judge Judy, Randy oversees and offers insights into Queen Bee, which is Judy’s production company.

Randy brings ideas to life by analyzing the reactions from the viewers about the shows he produces and valuing the critics and embarrassing the positive feedback. Through doing these actions, he creates content that subscribers adore and thus enhancing the viewer’s subscription to the new episodes.

Randy advises the young talent to focus and concentrate more on what they like and what fulfills them in their lives. Randy further states that people should always do their best, no matter the small or unimportant task.

Randy DouthitDouthit further discloses that in most situations about the shows, the viewers will identify themselves with the main character. For instance, in Judge Judy’s show, most people will identify with the judge because she speaks what is on her mind, and she is not afraid to speak of things people think but are scared to let others know.