Ohio State University (OSU) is an institution known for its athletic prowess, revered professors, and illustrious alumni. However, its towering reputation has been muddied by allegations of sexual abuse that have rocked the core of this educational giant. At the heart of shining a searing spotlight on the university’s failures is Scott Berkowitz, President of the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN).

RAINN, under Berkowitz’s robust leadership, is confronting head-on the issue of sexual abuse on college campuses. Not just as an activist campaign, but as a moral imperative for our society. Why is this important? Because college campuses, bastions of intellectual and personal growth, should not become breeding grounds for predators.

RAINN’s intervention is timely, pressing, and a clear manifestation of public responsibility. It brings to light the discrepancies and institutional inadequacies that allow such crimes to go unreported and, worse, unpunished. The nonprofit’s partnership with OSU is a step in the right direction, but it is only a start.

The critical question we must address is: why did it take so long for such a scandal to break out into the open? Why have countless young lives been traumatized before a decisive action was taken? The answer, uncomfortable as it may be, lies in the culture of silence perpetuated by power structures, a topic Berkowitz is unafraid to tackle.

His strategy is straightforward but revolutionary. By working closely with university administrations, RAINN aims to uproot the internal systems that shield predators and sustain a status quo of abuse. Berkowitz believes that the institutions themselves need to be active allies in the fight against sexual assault. This is crucial because, at the end of the day, the enemy isn’t just the perpetrator but also the complacency and complicity of the system.

RAINN has a multi-pronged approach to problem-solving. It conducts awareness campaigns, hosts seminars, and provides a platform for survivors to share their stories. The presence of the organization on the OSU campus is already making a palpable difference. Students and staff alike are becoming more conscious about consent, reporting, and prevention.

Berkowitz and RAINN are setting a precedent, not just for OSU but for all educational institutions. It is a wake-up call. The fact that OSU has chosen to collaborate with RAINN serves as an example that universities can no longer afford to brush these critical issues under the rug. They must act, and act now.

As we move forward, we must continue to support initiatives that remove the stigma around reporting abuse, that empower victims, and that hold the guilty accountable. Under the banner of RAINN, Berkowitz is leading the charge, challenging us to confront a disturbing reality but also offering us a path to a safer, more inclusive future.

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