Ross Levinsohn The internet came around the world and swept everyone off their feet. Every industry celebrates the milestones they have taken because of having the internet and other technology tools. The media industry has been transformed significantly because of the availability of technology. These changes have not been easy to handle. While some of the changes were important to everyone in the market, some of them made the stakeholders wonder about the next step they should take in their media careers. Ross Levinesohn professional life changed for a while because of the availability of internet to everyone in the society. The Sports Illustrated CEO has served in high profile media companies as a leading executive. In these influential corporations, Ross was in charge of the great transformation everyone was interested in seeing. The respected Sports Illustrated CEO helped Whisper Advisors, Fox Sports, Yahoo among many other companies to reach their full potential in the competitive market. While in all these high profile jobs, Ross handled the transformation brought by technology well. Now, at the Maven Group, the executive is handling the changes with so much confidence and expertise. The gains brought by the leader have made many people wonder how the leader is facing the considerable changes.

Monetization is a great challenge facing many media brands everywhere in the world. Sports Illustrated CEO helps various organizations monetize their content and continue to operate in the internet era. Some of these companies include, Maxim, Spry Living among many others. Six years ago, Ross added another brand into his umbrella. The company, Sports Illustrated, wasn’t doing well despite operating and having great expertise for many years. After the company was acquired by the team in charge of Maven Group, Ross automatically become the chief executive officer of the company. After the great acquisition, Ross began the process of identifying methods to expand the sports media company. Ross confidence in the media world has slowly helped him to find solutions to every challenge faced by the media brand in the past six months. The brand revenue is not only growing, it has become the talk of many in the competitive media world.