Ross Levinsohn Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn has proven that he is a capable leader over the last six years. He joined the company in 2016 at a time when it was feeling financially stressed by a shift in consumer preference. This 70-year-old brand has been a dominating force in the print publishing world throughout its history. It has evolved with the times, such as through the development of an amazing website after the internet started gaining popularity. The brand saw its print base decline slowly as website traffic ticked upward. Consumers were enthusiastic about the internet’s convenience and speed, so the demand for digital content grew. As this happened, the initial monetization strategy that was in place for Sports Illustrated’s website was no longer sufficiently replacing lost print revenue.

Before he started working as the Sports Illustrated CEO, Levinsohn navigated through a successful, prestigious career as a media and print industry leader. He collectively spent many years working as a head executive at companies like Whisper Advisors, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, Fox, Guggenheim Digital Media and Maven Media. As a digital media service provider, Maven Media has hundreds of top-rated clients that benefit from its monetization services. One such client is The Street with Jim Cramer, which has enjoyed a notable boost in its revenue thanks to Ross Levinsohn. This developed a few years ago when cryptocurrencies were rapidly gaining attention. While The Street with Jim Cramer has historically offered Wall Street info to its audience, Levinsohn identified their growing interest in happenings in the crypto world. After he developed a special paywall, the brand started profiting by expanding its offerings accordingly.

Once he accepted his latest position as Sports Illustrated CEO, Levinsohn began developing a strategy to address this brand’s internet-driven dilemma. By pulling critical insights from his many previous work experiences, including his efforts for The Street with Jim Cramer, Levinsohn came up with a winning plan. Much of the content that its team now produces is initially offered to premium-level subscribers first. This early-release paywall plan has enhanced the value of the brand’s website and has provided a special service to the brand’s audience.