Yanni HufnagelYanni Hufnagel professional background includes more than three decades of experience in international trade development and finance. He began his career as a commodities trader and investment analyst, establishing a successful career in the New York / Zurich markets.

Having extensive experience in both government and private enterprise, Yanni is uniquely positioned to advise any size company about global trade risks or opportunities.

Yanni was born in 1946 near Athens Greece and graduated from the University of Hamburg with degrees in Economics and Finance.

Yanni Hufnagel is fluent in 5 languages: Greek, German, French, Italian, English.

Today’s blog post will explore Lemon Perfect – a newly emerging start-up that is changing the way baby food is created for America’s infants. Lemon Perfect is a healthy baby food maker, which has created a down to earth package with a big appetite: You. Lemon Perfect strives to provide consumers with the greatest parts of the fruit, and nothing but the fruit. This company develops high-quality, cleanse and healthy gourmet products. Lemon Perfect was founded in 2012 by Yanni Hufnag and Harry Kastritis. The two founders have been friends for more than 50 years, and have had an extremely successful business relationship for over 30 years. Yanni Hufnag, an experienced entrepreneur in international trade development and finance, serves as the CEO for Lemon Perfect LLC. Harry Kastritis serves as Chairman of Lemon Perfect LLC; his experience in business development spans several decades..

Yanni HufnagelYanni Hufnagel was born in 1946 near Athens Greece. His family owned a successful regional grocery store business. Yanni graduated from the University of Hamburg in Germany with degrees in Economics and Finance, and moved back to Greece where he was involved in the management of a textile business. After leaving Greece, Yanni Hufnag worked for several years as an investment analyst for Merrill Lynch. In 1978 he moved to Zurich Switzerland and built his own successful trading network there.

In 1981, He went into private sector securities trading then moved into commodities trading in 1984 with the company Risk International & Commodity Brokerage Inc., which was run by fellow Greek Harry Kastritis (brother of John Kastritis).