Beverly Hills entertainment lawyer André Des Rochers is a partner at Granderson Des Rochers; this is a group of highly successful law firms and legal experts eager to help their clients. They offer various services, including intellectual property, mass media rights, and copyright. They were established in the year 2019 with the intention of reinventing business for the people. 


If you need better advice or tips on handling your case against another person or company, you should consider consulting them. If you’re ever looking for legal counsel in Beverly Hills, this is where you should start your search. André Des Rochers is a legal adviser who is known for his expertise in the entertainment industry. 


He has experienced enough to help people with their cases in Beverly Hills. André Des Rochers has done enough to help his clients and potential clients with the legal work they need to be done. He primarily focuses on copyright, media rights, and intellectual property. Recently he was appointed as a partner at Gray Krauss LLP, one of the high-ranked law firms in New York. 


He was a lawyer for ten years before joining this firm, and he had been giving legal advice to people all that time. His clientele grew to include an array of celebrities, business executives, and artists and celebrities. Successful entertainment attorney André Des Rochers also works with many clients in the entertainment industry, such as musicians, filmmakers, and even athletes. 

He knows how to handle their cases in a way that keeps their copyright safe from violations and gives them complete control over their work. Up to now, the legal professional has over a decade of experience in Beverly Hills entertainment law, representing producers, writers, directors, and production companies. If you’re looking for an expert for your case involving mass media rights or intellectual property related to film or television, André Des Rochers can help you.