Naturally altruistic entrepreneurs are good business operators. This is because their selfless concerns enable them to relate well with others. This means they can generously give opportunities, time, and resources to others and, therefore, gain intelligence in return. Mr. Kfir Gavrieli the CEO and Founder Tieks, is one of the kind. He has exemplarily utilized his time and resources, making meaningful charitable impacts in the business world.

Tieks, a firm founded by Kfir, is one of the most popular online fashion brands known for distributing women’s ballet flats through its website. It has been in operation since 2010, making it one of the most fruitful fashion brands in the current days. Kfir Gavrieli used the opportunity after founding Tieks to make his outstanding strategies successful, which eventually led him to the Gavrieli Foundation. This is a platform that helps him make successful ventures and empower women at the community level. This is because it provides women entrepreneurs with loans globally.

Kfir Gavrieli, who holds various degrees from Stanford University, proved to be a creative and talented entrepreneur after successful past occurrences ventures, which led him to found Tieks. One of the business approaches that have assisted in his business success is sober decision making. He also attributes his success to his ethical levels in business. Having the sense of humans being the superiors of the world as outlined in his influential book by Yuval Noah, Gavrieli has been able to purpose for implementation of his immense ideas.

Gavrieli’s heroic acts during the Covid-19 pandemic also contributed greatly to the popularity of Tieks, a web fashion brand. This was mostly impacted when his company launched a social media tool to influence fans and followers to join them in their campaign of donating face masks. This can be considered an act of entrepreneurship heroism in which Gavrieli transformed a challenge into an outstanding opportunity for business success. See related link for additional information.


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